[OJS 3.1.x] Make "select all" button

Hello to all, you can direct me to what files I have to work on to make a button that selects all the checkboxes? for example I would be interested in the users export plugin.


Thank you all for your help.


Hi @Tiziano,

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hi @Ph_We,
no, what I’m looking for is not there, and I wanted to try to achieve it, a button that selects me all the checkboxes that I want. for example if I have a list of articles in a dossier, I select them all with a button, instead of selecting them one by one :slight_smile:

I too have reached a stage in the plugin where a Select All articles would be very convenient. We are assigning DOIs to back issues dating back several years.

I would also like to see this! I’m currently checking each box individually for an export for DOAJ for updates. (Though if the API works for updates and not just the initial deposits, then that solves my problem in this particular instance.)