OJS 3.1 theme developer?

We’re upgrading to OJS 3.1.0-1 and have looked at installing the free bootstrap 3 themes. We need a few customisations done and would like to find a developer that can do what we need. Is there a list somewhere of people that can help? We tried google but didn’t find what anyone.

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Hello there is not much documentation on the themes of ojs 3.

Read the threads about creating a theme child, then from there you can modify the baner, the footer, adding some images, etc.

Hello @MarkAGregory, I am a web designer and I have worked with OJS and Bootstrap
Can you write me and tell me what do you want for your OJS.



I also can help with creating a new theme. Although, there are 2 limiting factors:

  • I haven’t got much free time beyond my main work.

  • I’m not a web designer, so wouldn’t perform any task associated with graphical design.

An example of our site (theme developed by me):


We @webkitchen have plenty of experience developing themes for OJS and come highly recommended by the PKP/OJS/SFU group.
Happy to chat anytime

Marc Behiels


Also, I’m developing a theme (with bootstrap 4) for public use under GPL v.3 license:


It would have the same functionality as on our site (built-in JATS Parser, block of latest articles, adaptation for mobiles, etc). I will notify the community when alpha version will be ready.


Any chances of Most read articles? I have been trying since many days, but somehow it simply doesnt work.

It is quite complicated to achieve without a decrease in performance. For example, use of getViews() method on 30 articles decreased page loading time by 2 seconds (from 1 to 3 sec). And if someone has 1000 articles?

I suppose data collection (on views) can be collected on a daily basis by scheduled tasks and once a day can be written into the plugin’s database table. But that requires a lot of work.

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Actually, how did you retrieve the data on views?

I used Ajynga’s codes which he had sent me long back. I will forward it to you by tomorrow.

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I use the code on the front page of Journal.fi to fetch the most read articles from the whole site (50 journals and maybe around 10 000 articles). It would not work without a file cache. Or it would, but the load times would be poor as noted above. But it is fairly easy to add file cache section the a theme plugin. The whole front page theme is here: GitHub - ajnyga/tsvSite: Journal.fi site theme for OJS3 including the file cache part here tsvSite/TsvSiteThemePlugin.inc.php at master · ajnyga/tsvSite · GitHub

The whole thing needs some revision, but I will probably have the time for it next summer. Feel free to copy/paste anything useful.


Can we make a pill/tab for the most read (and only make it load if the user loads it/ clicks on it?). That wold save the time. @Vitaliy @ajnyga. Like we can keep two pills (One for recent articles (Load by default) and second for most read. Once OJS finishes Most Cited Articles plugin, we can also keep that as third pill/tab.

Hello @MarkAGregory,

I have some experience with developing custom themes for OJS2 and 3 and I’m happy to help. You can reach me via private message or by email: info@szmigieldesign.pl.