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We are currently testing ojs 3.1. for using it in production. Payments are enabled, pay pall test account set up (with all the fields - id, secret, etc…). But, during submission process there is no link or paypall button, or amount for processing fees. Also, on journal website there is no indication on submission page for processing fees. So, how can we add those in submission process or it is only possible with ojs 2.x?


Maybe you should check this thread:

Hi, thanks for replay.

If I’m not mistake, that thread is how to setup paypal. We already do that and we have “payment” link on right side. What I’m missing is how to enable publishing fee during submission? How to put a link or paypal button on author’s submission page or on journal website? Is it possible with standard OJS system?

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I think that @asmecher can help.
Maybe you should check this link too:

There are various options to consider and check about types of buttons…

Hi all,

If you’re using OJS 3.1.0-0 (a.k.a. 3.1.0), I’d suggest upgrading to 3.1.0-1 – the upgrade is not invasive, and there are a few payment-related fixes.

It’s possible to request processing charges after the review process; try accepting the submission after review and you should see processing charge related options.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Tell me, did you manage to solve this problem? Faced her too


I’m having the same problem: how can I define a submission fee and a publicatioon fee in OJS 3x? It was possible in OJS2x but I cannot do it in OJS3x…