OJS 3.1 not sending any email [solved]

Dear falexandremc,

Could you explain how did you do that? I do not know much on these subjects and need more (much more) specifics. Thank you.

I also have the same problem.
OJS 3.1 and 3.2 cannot send messages automatically
with the SMTP Email settings. Please all to help us. Thank you

Best Regard,
Qadri Burga

Please help, we have done all sorts of configuration of the SMTP Email settings in OJS 3.2.

The message
[17-Jun-2020 19:15:46 Asia/Jakarta] SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub

Thank you

Hi. Would you please let us know how to solve the problem? We have faced with the same problem. The OJS (version does not send any e-mail. How we can add the open DNS to the system configuration? Please write more explanation about it.

how are you progressing in solving this problem guys? I’m interested too

Hi. Yes. We could solve the problem. The introduced e-mail to OJS had been recognized as a spammer; therefore, the server blocked it. After solving this problem, OJS system starts to send e-mails properly.

Dear Sir, @Amirreza_Talaiekhoza
Is this problem solved? Screenshot from 2021-03-02 17-14-49

Our problem was a little different. For us, the OJS control panel noted that “the e-mail was sent successfully”. But when we asked the reviewers to check their mailbox, there was not any e-mail from the OJS (neither in the inbox or spam). Based on the above-uploded picture, the OJS noted that “there was a problem sending an e-mail message” for you. I think it is a different problem. We found that the introduced e-mail to OJS had been recognized as a spammer; therefore, the server blocked it. Please check it first.

Hi @Amirreza_Talaiekhoza
I experienced a different kind of email block at the server level. This time, the recipient’s mail server did block our ip, and no email account could send an email to that domain. The only solution was to contact the administrator of recipient server and ask him to remove the block. Instead, I contacted the authors, and asked them to use an alternative email.

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