[OJS 3.1] "My assigned" showing already achieved tasks

First of all a big thank PkP Team for your time and your efforts!
One of our reviewers reported that (after we upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.1) his “My Assigned” section (under “Submissions” → “My queue”) stated showing some old tasks he already completed (reviews submitted a long time ago for one of the papers):
This is a bit disturbing since one expects from"My Queue" section to list only “yet to be done” tasks, otherwise he/she will click the same papers again and again…
Thank you for your help!
Best regards,

Hi Said,

It’s possible that some of your data didn’t migrate over when you did the upgrade and so the system thinks the submissions have not yet been reviewed. These posts report similar problems for already published articles:

I suggest checking your database tables to see if any submission data is missing.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team