[OJS 3.1] How to get the Usage Statistics plugin to work?

Hi all,

  • Application Version - OJS

I am experiencing issues with getting the usageStats plugin. After spending a few hours checking all the possible details, settings and configuration I decided to write here, my apologies in advance if this has been explained somewhere else.

The journals were running the usageStats plugin fine until Aug 2020, but it stopped working towards the end of Aug I don’t seem able to get it back up.

  • both usageStats and acron plugins are enabled on the journal
  • the OJS instance has 4 journals running at the moment
  • permissions on the plugin code is correct
  • the usageStats-related folders are in place in the files/usageStats folder
  • files/usageStats/archive contains logs until end of Aug
  • files/usageStats/processing is empty
  • files/usageStats/stage is empty
  • files/usageStats/usageEventLogs is empty

This is the most recent entry in the metrics table for one of the affected journals:

Any idea of how to debug what’s going wrong with the metrics being processed?

Thank you very much