[OJS 3.1] How to add a custom Citation Format (CSL)?


  1. Are you sure configuration of server(OJS) identical? On yous I cant see any trace of citation plugin,
  2. You wrote standalone plugin or it should hook to original CSL plugin?
  3. You tried enable main CSL plugin alongside with yours?

Well, that’s because the Citation Plugin won’t be shown as soon as the Custom Plugin is activated. There are differences though: PHP 7.0.28 on the webserver vs 7.0.27 in the XAMPP environment for example.

I have used the custom plugin linked in this thread by @GrazingScientist and @NateWr.

Sure… as I said: I had it running before so I was aware that the Custom Plugin is just an add-on so to say.

I am using ojs-3.1.1-4
I don’t know how can I add on my ris.csl num pages when I downloaded this file, I tried to do …

PG - {$citationData->pages}

Any help ?


Hello. I looked through the branch of this topic and the question remains how to create or rework a ready-made style for yourself in OJS It is necessary to change the display order of the components based on the APA and make them look a little different. Can you tell me if there are any manuals about the structure of CSL files or something similar? I would appreciate any hint.

Hi @Yuriy_Kadatski,

What kind of style would you like to add?

My goal is not to add an existing style, but to create or change an existing template, so that the article page in the “how to quote” section displays the citation style as made by the journals editorial staff, and in the drop-down menu, everyone can choose others that are convenient for them.
I didn’t understand the layout of the style file at all, so I came here for help. Can you tell me how this issue can be solved?

I’ve never worked with CSL, but of course there should be some good manuals. Like this one (may be): https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step

I tried to get a custom CSL file working with the method/code shown by @GrazingScientist and @NateWr here in this thread with OJS 3.3. It works fine in the admin panel (i. e. the style sheet shows up in the plugin and can be selected). However, on the front end the style sheet is not showing up.
After some debugging, it seems to me as if the hook that registers the custom style sheet is not even registered when visited via the front end and the added style sheet therefore not included. I wonder, are there any interfaces changes etc. that i need to consider for getting this to work with OJS 3.3?

If you share your plugin code someone might be able to take a quick look.

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