OJS 3.1 email problem, not sending/receiving

I’ve installed OJS 3.1 and configured office365 as smtp, but the system can neither sending emails nor receiving.
I’ve tried two different emails with office365, one can work and the other does not.
passwords are all correct. I do not know what is the problem.
configuration as below:

; Use SMTP for sending mail instead of mail()
smtp = On

; SMTP server settings
smtp_server = smtp.office365.com
smtp_port = 587

; Enable SMTP authentication
; Supported mechanisms: ssl, tls
smtp_auth = tls
smtp_username = xxx@xxx.com
smtp_password = xxx

thank you

Please be more specific what was working and what not. In my experience usually OJS is not problem. It is rather mail server configuration and relaying and configuration parameteres in OJS.
I am sure that there is aplenty of information related to sending via office365
Please check their support forums and you will have more precise information about settings related to that

Thank you, I realize that it probably was the problem of mail server.
One more question, for OJS I installed, I will create more than one journal in the system.
Different emails will be distribute to different journals. How will I set the configuration?
Thank you.

What was the problem? How did you fix it?

the main cause was the smtp failure of office365. I called the support of my server provider, they did not turn on the port for smtp service.

Thanks. I am using same settings and port is definitely on but still not working.

it could be many reasons.
I dont know your exact configuration of OJS.
So in my experience, at the beginning, it was the problem that I changed a different admin email address from the one in the configuration. failure!
Then I found out that Windows system doesnt work very well, it is better for you to install the system on a server with Linux system. failure!
And then the port 465 on the server was off. failure!
You have to check the php and system log.
Hope this can help you.

My server does not allow a different from address. I changes mailer.inc.php to set a fixed from address and emails are now sending.

The sender’s address is the email of admin, which has to be the same as the one in the configuration.

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just : apt install sendmail …is work for me