[OJS 3.1.4] Problem with ORCID

OJS 3.1.4
If an incorrect ORCID ID is entered into the metadata there is no way for the admin to edit without deleting the contributor and creating the contributor again.

Also, if there is an error with the contributor orcid the option to delete the orcid and authentication key fails if the paper is published.

We’re finding this to be a problem that is causing the DOI to not register.

Hi @MarkAGregory,

Was the authors ORCID ID set up at the registration stage or inputted at the time of submission? As well, could you please confirm whether the plugin was configured as outlined in the ORCID plugin documentation.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

Hi @pmangahis, these were co-authors added during a paper submission. The co-authors are not registered on the OJS.

Hi @MarkAGregory,

Thanks for confirming. Did you also mean that you’re using OJS 3.1.1-4 as there is no OJS 3.1.4. I would also suggest upgrading to OJS 3.1.2 and the plugin and see if the problem persists. The ORCID Profile Plugin was substantially improved and changed with the release of this version.

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern

Hi @pmangahis,

I’ve checked and the OJS is 3.1.2-1 and yes the problem persists.

Hi Mark,

ORCID’s guidelines state that ORCIDs should not be manually entered, but rather authenticated via the ORCID service. A few versions ago we moved to implement things according to those guidelines. From ORCID’s perspective (and ORCID-using services like Crossref), manually-entered ORCIDs are not trustworthy. Going forward that won’t be an issue as they cannot be entered or modified manually.

If you have manually-entered ORCIDs that leaves you in a situation where you’ll need to replace the author’s record, unfortunately, or intervene directly in the database to make a change.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec, I don’t think the authors are entering orcid manually, but somehow the orcid shows up as http://orcid.org/ and there is an error message. What identified this issue is that when the DOI was registered with crossref there is an error about a field being empty

Hi @MarkAGregory,

What is the error message?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @MarkAGregory,

at the end of the contributor edit form there should be a check box called “Delete ORCID iD and access token” . Check this and save the form. This should delete all ORCID related information from the contributor.

You could also use the other checkbox "Send e-mail to request ORCID authorization from contributor " to try the authorization process again. Please try it again and if you are able to look into the PHP error log or the file "orcid.log " in the OJS files directory, after the contributor has clicked the authorization link. Please watch out for any errors logged during the time the contributor went through the authorization process (clicked the link in the e-mail, logged in with ORCID credentials and is redirected to your jounals website).

I need to more information to track this one down.


Nils Weiher

sorry for the tardy response. I’m flat out and until the problem occurs again, I’m going to defer seeking to replicate.

It would be great if this thread could be titled “removing an ORCID iD from an OJS author profile”. In case anyone else needs help with this, here is what I have found to be the easiest way - it needs to be done my an administrator. Instructions with screenshots are here: How to remove an ORCID iD from an OJS author profile - Google Docs

We upgraded to OJS and the problem is back - we cannot delete ORCID ID and access token and authors cannot enter ORCID ID.


Hi @MarkAGregory,
just to cofirm , which version of the orcid plugin are you using?
the latest one for 3.2+ is 1.1.2-5

Hi, we now have OJS and the plugin is the latest revision v1.1.2.5 I just tried to delete an incorrect ORCID and I received an error message. I’m going to delete the paper contributor and recreate the contributor again. Hopefully it will work.

Thanks for the information, could you send me the error message to have a look ?

Hi, the error is attached. Nothing I do fixes this. I’ve deleted the paper contributor several times and recreated the contributor, then the contributor tries to add ORCID and it fails. After this, I cannot delete the ORCID ID, then the process starts again.2020-09-22

Hi Dulip, any progress?

I have a same problem as stated in the last few posts. Our client is trying to submit an article to OJS and add the authors. The idea is that the author herself verifies the Orcid-number. This works well in all our OJS journals except one. Normally, in user details it says See below to request authenticated ORCID iD

In the problematic journal that point in the form is different. It says there that https://orcid.org/

The plugin settings are the same in all the journals. Any ideas on how to fix this?!

Hi, I am having the same problem but just with one author right now! in my case, I try many times deleting directly from de database two lines (with phpMyAdmin):

(941, '', 'orcid', 'https://orcid.org/', NULL),
(941, '', 'orcidAccessExpiresOn', '2021-07-15 21:31:34', NULL),

then, the author tries again to register the ORCID, but without success!

When this issue occurs, some lines are missing:

(932, '', 'orcidAccessScope', '/authenticate', NULL),
(932, '', 'orcidAccessToken', 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx', NULL),
(932, '', 'orcidRefreshToken', 'xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx', NULL),

I hope this info helps us to understand this problem :wink:

can you send me the orcid.log entry without the credentials ?