[OJS 3.1.2] Unknown Journal error executing BepressImportPlugin

I created a test instance of OJS 3.1.2 on my server space.

Within that instance, I created a test journal and a journal editor and an author, in addition to myself as the admin.

I have installed the BepressImportPlugin.

I am now trying to execute the CLI command noted in the plugin GitHub page:
php tools/importExport.php BepressImportPlugin journal username editorUsername defaultEmail importPath

However, I keep getting an error message saying “Unknown Journal” followed by the journal path i entered and then. “Exiting”

I’ve tried different possible ways of identifying the journal path, but to no avail. Not sure what I’m missing and wondering if anyone has some suggestions.


Hi PKP team / @mfelczak / @kaitlin,

I have successfully resolved the problem associated with the OP. Namely, what I discovered is that what was called for in the command is not the OJS journal path, rather just the journal name. When I do that, the command runs and says it is successful.

However, I’m not actually seeing any content import and am having the same issue as outlined in Bepress Import plugin issues/questions. The thread there seems to suggest the issue was successfully resolved, but doesn’t indicate how.

Hi @dmhall,

Have you had a chance to review your apache/php error log following an import attempt? Are there any warnings/errors being logged by any chance?


Hi @mfelczak,

I checked the error log – none reported. Below is a screenshot of the Terminal window showing that the import was supposedly a success Dashboard%20%E2%80%93%20OXY%20Creates%20(2)

Hi @dmhall,

Thanks for the confirmation and screenshot.

Do the contents of /public_html/ojs/ojs-3_1_2/bepress_xml/decalages include the following folder/file structure: vol#/iss#/#


  • vol# is the volume number folder that contains all issues for the volume
  • iss# is the issue number folder that contains all articles for the issue
  • # is the article # folder that contains the article metadata.xml and fulltext.pdf files


Hi Michael (@mfelczak) ,



Hi @dmhall,

Can you please direct message me with a sample metadata.xml file from your import folder?