OJS 3.1.2: QuickSubmit plugin - required classes not included


I have tried to install the quickSubmit plugin for OJS. I downloaded the plugin from gitHub: GitHub - pkp/quickSubmit

But when I try to run the plugin a fatal error occurs because the plugin tries to import several file that are not included in our current OJS installation (OJS 3.2.1) - for example the file “classes/publication/publication.inc.php”.

I downloaded our current OJS version from https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/ojs_download/.
But there is another version on GitHub in which the missing files are included: GitHub - pkp/ojs: Open Journal Systems

What are the differences between the versions featured on GitHub and on the OJS page?

Thanks and best regards
Lars Heuer
University Library, Oldenburg, Germany

Hi @larsheuer

The best way to install the plugin is from the plugin gallery within OJS. There are different versions of the plugin, depending on your installed version of OJS, and if you’re just downloading the one from Github you may not be downloading the version that is compatible with your installation.


Hi Jason,

thank you! Actually it was quite easy to just install it from the plugin gallery …

Best regards

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