[OJS 3.1.2] Papperbuzz plugin bug


Install the Papperbuzz plugin from the OJS plugin view, and when reviewing how it is shown in an article, I get what is shown in the following image and it shows the following error:


paperbuzzviz.js:19 Uncaught TypeError: d3.timeParse is not a function
at new PaperbuzzViz (paperbuzzviz.js:19)

Hi @diegomejia07,

Are you able to determine which version of the plugin you are using from the plugin gallery - this may help to further troubleshoot this issue.


PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

The version of the Paperbuzz plugin found in the OJS plugin gallery is version, as you can see in the following image:

Hi @diegomejia07,

Thanks for verifying. And you have DOIs for your articles and they are working correctly? I might ask @bozana to weigh in on this as well. I know that there have been issues with the crossref event data in the past.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

Yes, I have DOI’s and they work well on the platform and with other plugins.

Hi @diegomejia07 and @rcgillis ,

I worked with the most recent version, but this one I will have to check/test… Then I will come back to you…


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