OJS 3.1.2 New DOI prefix

I have moved my journal from Publisher A to Publisher B with different OJS instance (both v3.1.2), and the DOI prefix for this journal has changed. How to modify OJS to submit metadata and register DOIs with Crossref? When I’ve tried to deposit using Crossref Export plugin, it’s returning error: ‘ISSN “xxx” has already been assigned, title/issn: xxxxxx is owned by publisher: xxxx’. I have contacted Crossref, but they advised us to contact OJS support instead. Please advise, thanks.

Hi, I really need some help here. Can someone pls advise on this?

Hi @chrisgent80,

This is really more of a Crossref issue. You need to request a title transfer. Publisher A likely retains the rights to your prefix. Crossref associates prefix and ISSN. You’ll need to have your existing publisher submit a title transfer to Crossref so that you can associate that title, ISSN, and prefix as intended. This definitely isn’t an OJS-specific issue. Feel free to copy my response to this your follow-up to Crossref. This is definitely related to your ability to write to that old DOI.