OJS 3.1.2 New Categories Feature

There is a new Categories feature mentioned here https://pkp.sfu.ca/2019/03/19/going-all-in-with-ojs-3/ Is there any documentation available on how to use this feature?

We’re interested in possibly using it. I’ve found some settings under Journal and reviewed this page Curated Collections | Cultural Anthropology. I can’t seem to determine if a page like this one exists in OJS for an overview of all categories. I’ve also found that there isn’t a redirect and/or top level catch in case someone just jumps to /catalog in which case I get a 404 but that’s a separate issue.

Thanks for the information.

Hi @cpockett,

Information on the Categories feature can be found in Chapter 5: Journal Settings of Learning OJS 3.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern

@pmangahis Thanks for the link.

Sorry to resurrect this, haven’t had a chance to review this in a while. I’ve got most of this working including styling though for some reason galley links (in this case pdf) are appearing restricted under categories (as per the galley_link.tpl) but they arn’t restricted in the main journal issues.

Is this a bug by chance or is there a way to restrict categories and I’ve missed it. We have migrated from OJS 2x and done several updates since then on OJS 3x so I may need to tweak something in the database admittedly.