OJS 3.1.2 export endnote/zotero (RIS)

Hi @asmecher,

we would like to offer our users the possiblilty to export their data to endnote/zotero (RIS), but although I activated everything in the system, an export possibility is not offered, see:


Do I need to activate anything else?

Thanks for help,

Hi @akku, Are you sure you cannot see them in the “How to Cite” block (“More Citation Formats”)?

Hi @Ph_We,

this is all I can see: citation

Or have a look at the website: The Tax System and Corporate Payout Policies | Junior Management Science


@akku, I’ve tried to reproduce it and found out, that this issue seems to affect only the ‘Bootstrap 3 Base’ theme, you are using. Would you try switching the theme and see if it helps?
Tagging @NateWr.

Hi @Ph_We and @NateWr,

you are right: it doesn’t work with the bootstrap 3-theme. Could you please tell me what I need to change in the configuration?

Thanks, Anna

If this is an issue specifically with the Bootstrap3 theme, can you file an issue on that theme’s repository here: Issues · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

Hi @NateWr,
ok, I just published a github issue for the first time in my life: possibility to export citation data Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) is not shown · Issue #119 · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

Thanks, Anna

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