[OJS] Submission author appearing to reviewers

Hello all, @asmecher, @ctgraham, @NateWr ,

We logged in as a user who happens to be a reviewer, to submit the editorial in his name to the system.
We noticed in the archives that many articles are showing the authors.

Then, we logged as other reviewers and noticed this is a common issue.

Any ideas why this may be happening.


Hi @ramon
These articles have already been published in the frontend, aren’t they? So, the reviewer(s) can see the names of the authors whenever they look at the article.
I think author names are exposed to the reviewers only after the submission has been assigned to an issue and published. I examined our journal’s archive and reached similar findings with you. But except seldom ones, author names in most of articles are were hidden on OJS Some of these submissions had been declined, but the reviewer can’t see the editorial decision. Therefore it may be due to version difference too.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 22.49.02

Hello @drugurkocak ,

Thank you very much for the quick reply!
We’re still “learning” this version, as we were used to 2.x and these little details throw us off a bit.