[OJS] Paperbuzz not displaying DataCite data

We are depositing our DOIs via DataCite, but from the description of Event data I would have assumed that this should not make a difference for the Paperbuzz plugin. However, even for articles for which DataCite signals citations, no count is displayed by Paperbuzz. Any ideas what we are missing?

I am not 100% on the extent to which Event Data tracks DataCite DOIs. I think they mostly do not, but they do track DataCite links to Crossref DOIs. That said, you can check to see if Event Data has data for your DOI by querying Event Data API.

That is, replace DOI and email address here to check:


Now, that all said, Crossref Event Data has been somewhat neglected in the past year and has some gaps in coverage and severe outages. Crossref recently hired a product manager and a developer who will be working on it, and they expect to have the service back to fully operational by the end of the year. More details to come as we get them.

Thanks for the tip! However, the output is the same as that of Paperbuzz.

Thank you also for this insight. So I will stay finger crossed and hope that our issue is resolved by Crossref.