[OJS 3.1.2-4] no submission notification to editor in multi-lingual journal

Two journals within the same OJS 3.2.1-4 installation, Journal A is English only, Journal B is English and German
Journal Editors of both journals have the same profile configuration regarding notifications,
both editors and the OJS server are within the same domain (there weren’t any mails in the editor’s SPAM folder, no bounce message was sent to the central OJS bounce address)

the editor of journal B does not get submission notifications from the OJS.

The submission acknowledgement to the users is activated and works in both journals. I can activate the ‘send copy of user submission acknowledgement to a central e-mail address’ in the workflow settings. This also works in both journals. But this does not inform all editors, since I can enter only one e-mail address in this field.

Can anyone reproduce this or give any tips for further analysis?

edit: We upgraded from to in December. With the old version, the respective notification was sent to the editor of Journal B. The editor did not change their notification settings since then.

Nobody got any idea?
I have investigated this further by making the same configuration in the ‘mirror’ journal in our test system (OJS with exaclty same configuration, on the same server). The test system does send the notifications, so the language setting does seem to be irrelevant.
The ‘production’ journal has over 500 active submissions, the ‘mirror’ test journal has 3. Is there a limit of active submissions or are there processes that might get scrambled if this number is too large?
I can’t see any other noticable difference between my test case and the problematic journal.

Hi @heike_riegler,

I suspect OJS is happily delivering messages to the mail delivery service, but that the delivery service (or something downstream from there) is only delivering some of the messages based on spam heuristics and the like. Unfortunately OJS is probably not being given any feedback on whether the messages were delivered successfully and the problem is totally out of its hands. I’d suggest seeing if you can access your mail delivery service’s own logs, and surveying some of the threads here about e.g. DMARC to increase your chances of mail being delivered successfully.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I will try to check this although I think a spam filtering is not very likely. In our specific case the sender domain, which OJS uses, is the same as the recipient domain (the editor).
I just discovered another problem: for this specific journal, the submission acknowledgement emails to the co-authors is empty. The subject line contains only the journal abbreviation and the mail body contains the signature, but the actual content is missing. The submission acknowledgement email to the submitter is fine.
Also, these mailing problems concern only one journal in a multi-journal installation.


Hi @heike_riegler,

…the submission acknowledgement emails to the ao-authors is empty…

I suspect you’re missing the email template called SUBMISSION_ACK_NOT_USER. You can create this manually, getting the default text from the appropriate .po files depending on your languages.

OJS doesn’t deliver email differently for each journal, so if some are delivering messages but others aren’t, it’s all but certain to be your email service that’s dropping the messages. Only its log files can clarify why.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team