[OJS] Subscription set-up queries

Application Version: OJS

Hi, I’m setting up journals on a self-hosted OJS server and I’m having some trouble with subscriptions - I have consulted the PKP manuals and looked through some previous forum entries but so far have not been able to isolate what is causing the following issues. Any advice would be gratefully received!

  1. IP-based access to back-issues for an expired subscription

I have Subscription Expiry set to Partial expiry. Testing this feature, I accessed the journal via an IP address that should retain legacy access to back-issues, while losing access to current and future issues.

When I view a journal issue that I should be able to access, it gives every impression of being hidden behind a paywall. Any article that is not Open Access displays purchase options, rather than a PDF download icon as it does during the active subscription. However, when I click on these purchase links, the articles are available without having to make any further purchase.

So the system seems to be detecting that, due to my IP address, I am a valid user and may access the articles for the back-issue, but this access is essentially invisible, as all the signifiers present on-screen suggest the content is blocked.

During an active subscription, access information appears in the sidebar to explain to the user that they can access content due to their institution’s subscription. When the subscription has expired, this information no longer appears, even though the user is still being granted access to back-issue content on behalf of the institution. It would seem clearer if this access information still displayed for relevant users, even once the subscription has expired, so that it is clear to a user why they may be able to access some content, but not others.

Is this how the system is expected to behave regarding expired subscriptions, or is there something I can change in my set-up?

I have attached two screenshots at the end of this message to try and illustrate the point.

  1. Accessing a purchased issue, no subscription

Similar issue to above – I purchased an issue outright, rather than subscribing, and I am able to access the issue OK but still, even when logged in, the purchase graphics display. There is nothing to signify on screen that the PDF is available to access. When logged in, clicking on these purchase links opens the articles, so again the system is registering my right to access them, but not altering the display accordingly.

Is there any way to change this?

  1. Permitting access based on subscription date range

Is it possible to limit subscriptions to a specific date range? For example, if an institution had a subscription between 2019-2020, would it be possible to limit access to only those issues published during that time? Currently I can’t work out any way to design a subscription that does not include the full back-list.

I would ideally like to design two Institutional pricing tiers – one to include the back-list, and one to be front-list only. Is such a thing possible?

Again, many thanks for any advice you can offer.

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