OJS - problem with depositing DOI via Crossref plugin. ''Submit'' button displays blank page

I’m using OJS3 on the scientific journals platform. For about two weeks I have a problem with depositing articles using the OJS3 Crossref deposit plugin. Clicking the “Submit” button returns blank page (other buttons work fine).
The problem appeared when the contract that my institution (one of the Polish PAS institutes) signed with the service provider, that have deposited DOI had expired in the first half of the December this year, and moreover the full support (at the moment there are no plans for prolonging the contract).
So, we have to deposit the DOI manually, downloading the XML file and then using the Crossref Deposit Admin tool (there are no errors).

We changed the data in the settings of the Crossref plugin (only for the actual DOI depositor and the e-mail address, the password was unchanged). And probably this was the beginning of the problem with the blank page instead of depositing DOI to Crossref.

We tried to change back the data to that of the former service provider, but that didn’t help at all.
What is weird that this problem doesn’t occure at all in case of the other journals we provide (there are five journals on our platform), when the settings of the Crossref XML plugin weren’t change, only for these two journals where we changed the Crossref plugin settings.

We use OJS

I’d be very thankful for any advice how to get rid of this problem. Unfortunately I have no admin privileges to provide you additional information or files from the OJS3 (I’m “producing” the articles and submitting the journals).

Thanks from the advance for any help,


And sorry for my poor English, I’m very stressed and annoyed because of this problem.

Hi @Tomasz_K

Unfortunately, the only way to debug this further is for you to talk to a systems administrator and get the server error logs, which will contain the specific error causing the blank page. Blank pages are almost always “500” errors, which are fatal errors. If you can get those log files, that would be very helpful.


Hi Jason. Thanks a lot for your answer. I’ll try to get the server error logs.

Best regards