[OJS] No visual feedback after declining article, buttons (editorial decision) still active

Dear Community,

An editor in OJS has rejected an article. The rejection mail has been sent successfully and the post is no longer listed as active, but has been moved to the archive.
So far everything is correct.
However, we do not receive any visual feedback in OJS that the post is now inactive after clicking the “Decline” button. After opening the post in the archive, we can even continue to click the three buttons “Send to Review”, “Accept and Skip Review” and “Decline Submission” and take the next steps in the publishing process.
We would find it useful if the inactive status of submissions in OJS was visually emphasized after declining articles and if the three buttons were no longer clickable.

Thanks a lot!

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Can anyone help with this problem or has had similar experiences? We would be very grateful!

I do not have a solution for this, unfortunately. But I have the same problem. I agree that editors should have some visual indication (feedback) after clicking the decline button that they actually declined the submission (that the status of the submission changed to “declined”). Currently, there is no visual change on the page at all.

We constantly have editors declining a submission over and over again as they are not sure if they did anything at all when pressing the button. Some kind of success and status feedback is essential here (and with all other editor decisions).

I guess, we should do a feature request for this (if the feature is not already requested for).


(Cross-posted here: Provide visual feedback on status change after editor (decline) decision)

Sorry for cross-posting. I did not see another way to make it a “feature request”. Best, Armin