[OJS]Manually schedule/trigger automatic Crossref registration

I have recently imported a couple of thousand previously published article to our journal. I have assigned DOIs to all these articles, and setup and enabled automatic registration in the Crossref plugin, but their status in the Crossref plugin is still ‘Not Deposited’.

I’ve set scheduled_tasks = On in config.php and have setup the Cron job on the server.

Manual registration using the ‘Deposit’ button works, but with couple of thousand articles and no ‘select all’ button in the plugin, this will take a very long time to register them all.

How do I check if the articles are scheduled for registration or not? If they’re not scheduled, how do I force the plugin to recheck each articles status and reschedule them if necessary?

Hi @galexioza,

Could you please confirm which version you’re using?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern

I’m using OJS v3.1.2.1

Incidently, here’s a little trick I learned with the same motivation. Make a browser bookmark with this “address”:


Make sure the quotes are ascii. When you click on it, all the checkboxes on the page will be checked. Tested in Firefox and Safari.