[OJS] How to determine who receives email

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Is there any way to manage who receives which emails in the system? At the moment I can go to Users > Current users and edit some details for each registered user. But we cannot turn on/off email notifications for a user. And preferably we would like to mass edit that setting.

And if this is not possible in OJS by default, are there plugins making this possible?

Hi @mattiman,

Could you elaborate on which notifications and for which users you’re trying to modify?

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

Hi @pmangahis,

There are registered users in the system which receive notifications of new publications. When people register they have the options in the form (checkboxes):
[ ] Yes, I would like to be notified of new publications and announcements.
[ ] Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests to review submissions to this journal.

But as administrators of the website/system, we cannot view or edit which users get which emails.


Hi @pmangahis,

Do you have any suggestions regarding my question about the email list?

So we would like to know how to manage who gets which emails.


Hi @,

Again would you mind further elaborating on what you’re trying to do? As at this point, I’m not really able to provide any suggestions

As far as I’m aware there’s no batch tool to control who receives those notifications, these are controlled by the users.

Patricia M.

Hi @pmangahis,
I’ve asked my client and her answer is:

When I publish an issue of JZAR many many emails come back – the out of office ones make sense, but indeed there seem to be many spurious emails. I don’t have any I’m afraid – as I delete them as they come in – there are so many my mailbox fills up quickly L
I’m not sure how or if it is possible to go through the addresses we send the issue out to, or how it could/should be edited – and I’m not sure I want that job – but if there was a fix, other than not sending an update to registered users that would be great. In saying that, I’m not sure how someone becomes and registered user and/or manages that account either?

So the problem is that there are thousands of registered users and so thousands of emails being send with each publication. They want to know how to (mass) remove emailaddresses or mass edit mail settings who gets what emails.

Hope it’s clear now?

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