[OJS] Current users search spanish problem

Description of issue

When I look for an existing user in the journal, it does not appear as a result when the journal is in the Spanish language, but when it is in English it does give me the user as a result.
I realize that if the Family name has characters like ñ or hyphens it doesn’t give me search results.

Elena Cruz

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Hi @Elena_Najera,

This is an open issue here: Must use accents when searching by author/reviewer name in editorial backend · Issue #7140 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - identified as an enhancement that will hopefully be implemented in future versions of OJS. Since 3.1 is no longer supported, you would likely have to upgrade in order to take advantage of this when it is eventually implemented. It’s not perfect, but I tested in 3.3 and it was a bit better, but not perfect using the ñ character did produce some results (but also included n characters).

PKP Team

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Hola Elena,

It’s not the best solution ever, but you can address this playing with mysql COLLATION:

An alternative to this is replace the OJS searcher with Solr.
There is an integration done by a fellow that I can forward to you if you like.

Un saludo,


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