[OJS] Change locale strings of .po files with child theme

In 2013 you published a defaultChild, which was quite useful. There you showed how to change texts in locales:

Now we have .po files for the locale strings. How can I change locale strings within the child theme now?


Hi @twa,

Here’s an example of a theme using a .po file: bootstrap3/locale.po at master · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub.

There’s a tool available that will convert your .xml file to a .po file. Read about it in the 3.2 Release Notebook.

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Can I still overwrite values inside a Child theme? Let’s say I want to update-proof overwrite msgid "submission.submit.whatNext.description" within the Child Theme? How does the .po file look like? The header and only the single msgid/msgstr, that need’s to be fixed?

Hmm, I suspect it would depend on the load order. Are you on 3.1 or 3.2? If you’re on 3.2, I’d recommend using the Custom Locale plugin, which is available in the plugin gallery for 3.2+.