[OJS] Cannot add any existing user to a new journal

Hello there !!

I’m facing a strange problem when trying to add an existing user to a journal in a multi-journal installation.
As the site manager I go to the new journal → Users and Roles and do the search … the thing is… I never get any results. Only a never ending spinning circle.

I’ve checked the logs (Apache and MySQL) and the browser console but no error is reported at the moment of executing the search.

Any clue that might point me in the right direction to solve this?

Version OJS

Hi @hilongo

Are you sure you are searching the entire installation? If not, this is how you do it:

Go to Users & Roles and click Search. Underneath the search field there is a checkbox “Include users with no roles in this journal.”

If you check the checkbox the search will include users on the same installation who are enrolled on other journals.

Maybe this was not the problem at all (but rather the spinning thing!), but just in case it help… =)

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Thank you Emma (@OpenAcademia) for taking the time to respond.

When I check the “Include users with no roles in this journal.” checkbox is when I face the problem. If I search for users with a role already assigned, the search works fine.

Best regards!

How many users are in your installation (across all journals)? I wonder if you are being limited by this issue of long running user searches:

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Hello @ctgraham … This might be the case … as I’ve checked and there are around 500K spam users registered across all journals.

I’m now in the process of merging/deleting them using this thread as a base:

Once the bulk deletion is finished I’ll test again and report back.

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Right on the spot @ctgraham … after merging most of the spam users from the journals we have around 2000 users now … and the problem is gone.
Searching for existing users with no role in the journal works as it should now.

Thanks a lot!