[OJS] Removing/resetting reviewers who already "accepted" and "submitted" a review


Is there any way to reset a reviewer after they’ve “completed” their review? I’ve looked through threads and can’t find a definitive answer.

The Review section of the OJS workflow has a feature(?) that is confusing one of my editors beyond all measure.

After assigning reviewers, if you click “Review Details”, it takes you to information about the review. At the bottom of the review, if you click “confirm” it closes out the review. An editor has gone and done this for numerous reviews which is now forcing me to find a workaround.

I don’t think the explanation text at the top of “Review Details” is at all clear enough. Happy to report this somewhere but I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature request?

Hi @Janet_Swatscheno,

Could you elaborate on what the editor is trying to do?

The ‘Review Details’ is intended to allow Editors to change the reviewer recommendation (if needed) and to record their reviewer rating (if the journal uses this feature).

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Patricia M.
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I completely understand what the functionality is but it’s not clear from either the link or the explanation text on that page that this is the functionality.

The editor wanted to look at the Review Details since that is what the link is called, not close the review. “Review Details” is itself very vague. I would assume for a review where the reviewer hasn’t agreed to review it yet, it might display when the review was assigned, the reviewers email address, information about the reviewer?

Here is the text on the page:
“Once this review has been read, press “Confirm” to indicate that the review process may proceed. If the reviewer has submitted their review elsewhere, you may upload the file below and then press “Confirm” to proceed.”

Nowhere on the page does it say that if you click “confirm” for an open review, that it will close the review and the reviewer will not be able to access it. It’s not really an issue if the reviewer has already submitted their review or you actually understand the functionality-- that you can upload reviews/ change their determination. But if you’re just trying to look at the “Review Details” and you don’t understand what the functionality is here (which again it’s not very clear), then there is a good chance you’ll click “confirm” and close out the review.

I would suggest giving a warning if the review is still open when an editor presses “confirm”. Something like, “are you sure you want to close the review”.

Hi @Janet_Swatscheno,

Thanks for providing further clarification on this. A warning would be a great addition to this and would help provide further clarification.

We invite you to create an issue ticket on the PKP Github page so this can be addressed in a future releases of OJS.

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Patricia M.
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