[OJS] Problem file upload + language

After several days setting ojs for own journal, we encunter difficulty :

  • no file may be downloaded (such as text, image or logo). An error message indicates that the upload is too long for the image and that no document can be found for the file transfer.

  • this language : ##rt.metadata.dublinCore.source## comes back always and we fail to substitute it to a common language.

Could you help us to rectify these problems ?

Did you check your files_dir in config.inc.php? Is it set to the right directory? Are files you’re looking for in that directory?
If yes, check for slashes, they should be forward slashes. I had the same problem and lost lot of time searching for the solution and it turned out that my slashes were backslashes instead of forward slashes.


Thanks to your answer. I can only check files_dir in “administration” from the left menu and I can’t change anything. Probably, I don’t have the right to access to the configuration. But, I can see forward slashes in ojs but the file path in my computer is composed with backslashes… This could be a problem ?