OJS 3.1.1. user access submission issue

User does have managerial roles with access to all stages of workflow but when accessing submission user is prompted with message that user doe snot have access at this stage of workflow.
Please advise.

Hello! Is this user also an author or reviewer for that particular submission? I think OJS 3 enforces the “blindness” of these roles, so a user that uploads a submission as an author is prevented from accessing the editorial workflow for that submissions. Likewise, if an editor assigns themself as a reviewer for a submission, they will lose access to all stages except for the review stage.

I realized that user who is admin in multijournal setting could not see submission, but it could add user with privileges to do so. SO, it is intentionally made that admin cannot immediately access submission or it is a sort of glitch. Maybe @asmecher give proper information.

Hi @vvucic

Just to be sure: do you mean: you as admin in a multi-journal installation 3.1.1 cannot access any submission backend page?


Yes, but as admin I created user who can do that.