OJS 3.1.1 release?

Hi, I would appreciate knowing how patches for OJS 3.1 would be applied. Are we going to see an interim release OJS 3.1.1 or do we have to manually apply fixes for each problem that we encounter?

It would be great if OJS 4.0 had the ability to automatically patch itself or for the Drupal approach where we can hit a button to get the latest patches. What do you think?

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Hi @MarkAGregory

It would be best if you would use git for your installation – then you could easily get all new patches, by pulling the latest commits (from the current stable branch).
Else, if you are using downloadable release package, you would need to apply the patches manually, using the patch in a .diff format (that you can get from a GitHub commit) and command patch, e.g. something like patch -p1 < patch.diff.

For the current OJS 3.1 version you would use the ojs-stable-3_1_0 branch in the GitHub repositories:
ojs (ojs-stable-3_1_0 branch): GitHub - pkp/ojs at ojs-stable-3_1_0
pkp-lib (ojs-stable-3_1_0 branch): GitHub - pkp/pkp-lib at ojs-stable-3_1_0

This is the current procedure for any release/version. We are planing to work on an easier and automatic patch and updating, but I am not sure when will it come.

The OJS 3.1.1 is coming soon and it will then contain all the fixes.

EDIT: In GitHub you can compare the release tag (in this case: ojs-3_1_0-0) with the appropriate stable branch (in this case: ojs-stable-3_1_0) to get the list of commits since the release. E.g. like this:
ojs: https://github.com/pkp/ojs/compare/ojs-3_1_0-0...ojs-stable-3_1_0
pkp-lib: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/compare/ojs-3_1_0-0...ojs-stable-3_1_0
(i.e. adding /compare to the GitHub repository URL and then choosing the tags and branches you need)


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I think what would be needed is a hands on guide to using git for production sites. I mean the instructions here do not really cover it: https://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Github_Documentation_for_PKP_Contributors

What we would need is list of command line commands for the usual things that you need. I mean a “best practice” guide.

  • Installing from git for the first time.
  • What do you do with local changes, like config.inc.php, or core modifications, or custom plugins you have uploaded yourself or added from plugin gallery
  • how do you update to a new version or another branch
  • how do you apply a single patch
  • how do you trace your own changes to the core when upgrading

I would give my thumbs up! We are in the process of experimenting with git. And we really need some guide here :frowning:

I tried to do that last spring, but I really do not have the expertise to do it. Would be nice to see someone who actually uses git for maintaining a production server do a cheat sheet: Running production OJS site with Git for Dummies (like me)

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This is why I mention the Drupal update capability, because if you have a cpanel account, you cannot run patch at the command line.

For this reason we need more regular updates e.g. OJS 3.1.1, OJS 3.1.2 etc. whilst the bugs are worked through.

We really need to move to OJS 3.1 asap, but cannot whilst it has so many bugs and we cannot run patch so we’re stuck.

We appreciate the knowledge that OJS 3.1.1 will be released soon, it is knowing that there will be regular bug fix releases that will help us move forward.

Don’t think that it is rational to compare Drupal with OJS.

Over the air updates should be an aim for future just like android, ios, windows updates etc. I know its really difficult especially when people modify a lot, but still a work around can be provided. I remember installing different roms in android phonees when i was a kid, it was fun and easy once you know how to do it. But it wasnt that easy for the first timers. Likewise, upgrading ojs is just like installing custom roms in android phones, for which we need to unlock the bootloader and install different kernels and root it (like jailbreaking for ios). Inshort Upgrading OJS is difficult because most of ojs users are not developers or technicians. If we get an OTA update, there can not be anything better. Just my two cents

Hi all,

Easier upgrades to OJS are a priority for us, but it’ll depend on a lot of infrastructural work which is fairly complex. For example, we’ll need to either upgrade or (ideally) replace the ADODB database layer; this will involve, among other things, migrating upgrade scripts to a new infrastructure, which is a major investment of time and effort.

We do have some other initiatives that can help to ease the process of upgrading modified installs – for example, writing plugins rather than hacking the core code is a much preferred approach, and facilitates Wordpress’s upgrade process. (Wordpress, when you hit that beautiful upgrade button, simply overwrites your current code with a new package – any modifications you might have made will be gone.) In the end it’s up to the user to decide whether it’s worth forking the code and planning on how to manage it. Hopefully OJS3 doesn’t require as much modification in a typical environment as OJS2 did – that’s what we’re finding in our own hosting operations.

One fundamental aspect of OJS compared to Wordpress or Drupal is that it’s a much bigger application with a much, much larger data model. This makes upgrades a lot more heavyweight than those applications.

This is to say, we’re aware that many users find upgrades difficult, and working to improve it, but it’s a long-term goal and there are significant roadblocks in the way.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thank you Alec, it would be good to be able to upgrade before the silly season starts, so it would be very positive to get OJS 3.1.1 by the end of November, hopefully a lot of the initial issues will be resolved by then.

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Hi @MarkAGregory,

The end of November is just 2 weeks away – I suspect we’re talking mid-December for a 3.1.1 release, if we’re able to do it this year (which I’m hopeful about).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


thank you Alec, this will permit us to start the new year with OJS 3.1.1

Please release a trouble free version of OJS as was OJS 2.8 . I am facing many issues with my newly installed OJS 3.1

Hi @Rahul_Arora,

I assume you’re referring to the problems you describe on your other thread. I’ve responded there and will help debug; again, please do not fork the conversation.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team