[OJS 3.1.1] article_details.tpl without Right Sidebar

Hi everybody
I’m looking for a help from the forum how to remove the right column in the page article_details.tpl, to understand the one with the button “MAKE A SUBMISSION” .


Instead of this I wanted to put the column of details of the article.

Thanks for any help


Hi @Tiziano

I am not sure if I understand what exactly you would like to do but: I think those are block plugins in your installation, that you can disabled going to Settings > Website > Appearance > Sidebar management.


Hi @bozana,
I probably did not explain well … practically I would like that only on the page of the article, remove the right column and replace it with the details of the article.

Ah, this is not possible per default…

I think yes because I found this nice layout that managed to remove that column and replace it. I’ll copy the link:


You would need to implement it – per default/as a system configuration it is not possible…
Maybe also there you would need to implement your own child theme…

exactly, I need a help figuring out which .tpl file to modify to look for modifying the template. :grin:

See this thread Customize manuscript child theme
I have tried but it does not work.

Hi @kawahyu,
I read, very interestingly, the difference is that I would like it to apply on the boostraps template.

@kawahyu, I added a comment on that other forum topic – apparently you would also need to add the variable to the footer template. That should work, I think.
@Tiziano, I think the same changes (mentioned in that other forum topic) you would also need for the bootstrap theme, i.e. above all you would need to provide that variable to the footer template.


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Hi @bozana, thanks, i try this solution and it works, well, now i would that, in the empty space left by the removed column, put the column of the article details.