[OJS] OJS with multiple journals, each one could have its custom email account through which mails are sent?

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I have an OJS with multiple journals, I have configured the SMTP settings for using SMTP Gmail service, and the emails are sent correctly, however today the Editors of some of the journals were asked me if there is some way that the email dispatcher could be specific for the journal?, for example in the two screenshots below I have sent an email to the administrator user (I am the admin user) from two different journals of my OJS Theoria and Tlalli, and in the two emails alongside the user name appears the dispatcher email: email_dispatcher@gmail.com :slight_smile:


Well I hope I have explained me and that my question was not dumb.

Hi @juancure,

I believe Gmail’s SMTP service forces the email sender to be the name and address of the Google account holder. If you want the sender to indicate anything else, you’ll probably need to use another SMTP provider.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher and @juancure ,

Hope this is the same problem I am trying to explain here. I have an OJS that hosted 3 journals. How can I set different emails for each journal in OJS config file? For example, I want to use email1@publisher.com for journal1 and email2@publisher.com for journal2 and so on.

How is this possible? In the config file, only 1 email is being setup. Any suggestion on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @neuroscirn well I think this could be help you, I have used the combination of default_envelope_sender and the force_dmarc_compliant_from directives. The OJS has the allow_envelope_sender but no the dmarc_compliant_from but in the forum there is a topic about how apply the patch to integrate DMARC functionality to OJS (sorry I don’t remember what in this time), the alternative is upgrade your OJS to 3.2.1 in which there are both directives available.

After of have the both directives available I have configured Postfix as SMTP server, forgetting the use of SMTP Gmail, and I have set default_envelope_sender with an email account from my domain example someuserinmyserver@mydomain.com and enabling the following directives:

allow_envelope_sender = On
force_default_envelope_sender = On
force_dmarc_compliant_from = On 

In this way the someuserinmyserver@mydomain.com always is set in the From field, but there is a Reply-to field which is set with the user’s email which sent the mail, you should set values for Principal Contact for each of your journals setting email1@publisher.com for journal1 and email2@publisher.com for journal2, then these emails are to be set in the reply-to field.

Well I hope this could be helping for you.

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Hi @juancure

Thank you very much for your help. It works well now! I have another question, how can we set the name for the default_envelope_Sender email? For now, the email address is editorial@mydomain.com. The name of the email on the recipient side is “editorial”. Can I change the name so it display nicely on all outgoing emails like into “Editorial Office if XXXXXX”?

Best regards!