[OJS] DOI does not show up on landing page

  • Application Version: we have not upgraded our server lately.
  • New articles does not show their DOI on the landing page:
    We did notice that an upcoming journal need do attach DOI’s. We did activate the plugin as usual. And did see that the DOI did not show up on the landing page. But in the “How to Cite” plugin you could see the DOI. Then we did test the server. Did publish a test journal, with a test article and did publish a test article in a journal, which already uses DOI’s without problems. Our tests showed that DOI’s affiliated with new articles does not show up on the landing page. But they are created in the system. It seems that the problem did occur between December 9 and now. Does anybody know which service might need to be rebooted?

Only by manually entering the metadata page, selecting ‘Identifiers’ and clicking ‘Save’ the DOI will be activated. Normally it runs automatically