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Dear all
we are testing Datacite plugin on ojs 3.1.14

Datacite test does’nt work, but I’ve read in Making testing simpler: our new approach to test accounts that it works different. I’vre tried to change the plugin to use our prefix insted of 10.5072 datacite test prefix but I cant send automatically articles to there I get an error

‘Registering DOI 10.34810/test: No response from server.’.

If I create a file and try to import directly on datacite site it works.

After this I’ve tried to test usin our prefix on production datacite website but I doesn’t work. After click the buton it starts but never end…No response. I’ve checked on datacite site and no article was created.

There’s a new version for this plugin?
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Dear all,
There’s no answer on this question so I have reviewd the new ojs version to know about changes but there are no one.
Now 10 days ago some updates were done but is related to the plugin license.
The plugin doesn’t work because datacite change the unique test prefix to a test prefix for each user, and I think some in API was changed also.
Anyone has new about it?

Context OJS 3.1.2-4
Datacite plugin version 2.0

Datacite has abandonned the test prefix (Test prefix 10.5072 retiring June 1) and now has 2 different and separated environments : one for testing and one for production, hence different credentials. It seems the DataCite Export/Registration Plugin hasn’t been updated to take this change into account.

So in order to test OJS with Datafabrica test environment (https://doi.test.datacite.org/) this is what I did :

  1. I changed (temporarily) ojs-3.1.2-4\plugins\importexport\datacite\DataciteExportPlugin.inc.php :

//define(‘DATACITE_API_URL’, ‘https://mds.datacite.org/’);
define(‘DATACITE_API_URL’, ‘https://mds.test.datacite.org/’);

  1. DOI Plugin Settings : I (temporarily) entered my Datacite DOI test prefix (previously assigned within Datafabrica test environment)

  2. DataCite Export/Registration Plugin : I (temporarily) entered my Datacite test credentials (Repository ID and password) in the datacite plugin. “Use the DataCite test prefix for DOI registration” must be unchecked.

  3. DataCite Export/Registration Plugin : “Validate XML before the export and registration” (Articles tab) is unchecked as it throws validation error but that doesn’t seem to affect the registration of DOI.

  4. DataCite Export/Registration Plugin : Articles tab : select the articles and click the Register button at the bottom. That’s it!

Once your tests are completed and conclusive, you will want to revert to “https://mds.datacite.org/” and insert DOI prefix and credentials related to production environment. (I’m using a test instance for OJS with dummy journal and dummy documents so I didn’t do that revert part; will simply keep it that way).

Hope this will help you and/or someone else in the Forum with similar questions.