OJS SMTP not Working

Hello Team,
OJS- SMTP not working… No Notification mail are receive…
Please see the config details…

Default Setting are working but DKIM:‘FAIL’ with domain abc.biz

X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname - sg3plcpnl0058.prod.sin3.secureserver.net

X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain - abc.biz

X-Get-Message-Sender-Via: sg3plcpnl0058.prod.sin3.secureserver.net: authenticated_id: abcd/from_h

X-Authenticated-Sender: sg3plcpnl0058.prod.sin3.secureserver.net: xyz@abc.biz

Kindly Help me…

This is rather related to your mail server, not OJS. Please cgheck configuration of your e-mail server.

Same problem on Gmail Setting…

Check your mail server, this is not OJS problem. Mail server is sending mails, not OJS. OJS gives messages to mail server only.
You can learn more about DKIM here

I’m not sure if they could solve this problem, but I had the same one and after a lot of time lost, I finally solved it by creating an “application password” in my gmail account. This type of passwords are exclusive for use in particular applications (like OJS in this case) omitting security problems. The whole problem was that mails weren’t sent because gmail blocked them.