[OJS] RSS WebFeed not valid?

Hi PKP Community,

I am trying to provide an RSS feed for our journal. I have enabled the RSS WebFeed plugin, and I see the atom, rss 1, and rss 2 icons on the web site. For example


I tried to subscribe to this using Vienna, and I get errors that the page seems to be a website and not an rss feed and no feed associated with the page can be detected. Similarly the w3c feed validator


says “It looks like this is a web page, not a feed. I looked for a feed associated with this page, but couldn’t find one. Please enter the address of your feed to validate.”

Did I do something wrong?

Hmm, in your URL (and all other links) forward slash is escaped to %2F and that probably causes the problem.

Hi @sgr,

Your installation is set to require a log-in in order to access that page, so RSS readers and validators aren’t able to access the feed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher! I confirmed that going to

Users and Roles > Site access options

and unchecking the box “Users must be registered and log in to view the journal site.” fixes the issue. A login is still required to view the pdf’s, which seems sane.

Hm. Now the editorial board “just” has to decide which behavior we want…

Thanks again!