Ojs Custom blocks not showing in sidebar management

Hi folks, pretty self explanatory, I’ve created a bunch of custom blocks for my magazines and OJS I cant rearrange the sidebar sorting.
Shouldn’t it be visible in the sidebar management section? Besides, it seems It doesn’t follow the order I gave the items
I’m using ojs version

Hi! AFAIR, this was fixed in either 3.1.1-4 or 3.1.2.-*

Hi after so long.
The only way possible is to update?
Isn’t there a workaround? We have a problem upgrading the ojs version (at least, thats what the IT guy says, sorry) so at the moment we are stuck in

The only possible way then is to find the appropriate issue/PR and patch your instance… Do not ask me how, though)

Maybe comparing the corresponding files looking for differences? Anyway, dont know what files are the ones.

It should be somewhere here, I presume: Issues · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

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Lovely, diving in that thread and its links found this modifications.
Did them and worked great!
I’m so greateful!