[OJS] Issue with CItation Style Language plugin, DOI prefix repeated for some citation formats

Hi everyone I have noticed an issue with the Citation Style Language plugin in the OJS, the DOI prefix https://doi.org appears twice times in the URL DOI as in the below image:


I have reviewed in the database in the submission_settings table, is in this table where I have identified that the DOI is saved; however all the DOI’s values are correctly and they do not have any string of kind https://doi.org.

I have noticed that this happen only with the following citation formats: ACM, APA, Chicago. With the Harvard format the DOI is correctly established


Can someone help me to resolve this issue?

Hi @juancure,

The citations are generated by the Citeproc-PHP library (GitHub - seboettg/citeproc-php: Full-featured CSL 1.0.1 processor for PHP) and I think the issue will be found in the styles there. We don’t maintain those, we just use them. You may well find that we’re using a newer version of the citation style templates in more recent releases of OJS – upgrading may resolve the issue.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher, Yes I have others OJS’s with a version more recently as OJS and this issue is not presented, upgrading the OJS is not option, because this has a custom theme for OJS I have try to upgrading the libraries used by the plugin citationStyleLanguage through the composer.json file, having now the

seboettg/citeproc-php v2.1.7
seboettg/collection v1.3.1

However this did not any change. then I have manually rewritten the files in the citation-styles directory and I have changed in the prefix value, because there was https://doi.org and I have set only "doi: " text. I guess that there is other place where the https://doi.org is appended in the code.