[OJS 3.0b] How to edit journal footer so it can include CC-BY licensing

When I enter the desired code or text into ‘Journal Page Footer’ textbox within the website settings nothing appears on the journal’s frontend page.

I am very new to OJS, PHP/Smarty, and also github. I’ve had a look on the github repository to see if their have been any updates, but couldn’t find anything. I’ve also messed around with the footer.tmp files but have had no success.

I am aware that this is only the beta version, but I thought i would start playing around with it. Also not sure where would be the best location to post possible bugs, here or in github? (But I couldn’t see an issues section in github).

Ok, I just found that the Issues section on GitHub for OJS 3.0b is in the pkp-lib repository, I will post an issue there, but will keep this thread up for reference.