OJS 3.0 suddenly slow. Hosting provider blaming OJS

From the last time we added an issue til today our OJS installation is suddenly slow to the point of being almost unusable (every action taking 10+ seconds up to about 30 seconds in the admin panel when adding a title). We have not updated anything.

Submitted a ticket with our hosting provider who just looked at it very briefly and blamed “an extreme amount of sql queries in the form of ‘SELECT * FROM submission_fi…’ and ‘SELECT * FROM publication_g…’”. (They also mentioned fact that we had set gettext.dll to load in php.ini, but since they run Linux/Apache servers that should not even load and therefore not cause any issues. Anyway it has been commented out now with no difference). How can I find out where those Select * queries are coming from?

Anyone have any ideas why an unchanged 3.0.0 installation could suddenly become extremely slow without changing anything (if the ISP has done nothing to the server environment)??

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Did you confirm all your DBs and tables are with the same engine?
When they are mixed, performance can drop dramatically.

The recomendation is innoDB:


If you use a shared hosting provider, you may have reached a usage limit that makes the computing resources available for your account to be less than necessary or even reduced.

A little over a decade ago I helped a journal in which the provider simply suspended the account when a new edition was published, that is, at a time of peak access, alleging excessive consumption of computing resources.

Also, when publishing an issue, it can make OJS trigger some additional tasks such as sending email notifications, logging DOIs, and so on, which consume additional server resources for some time.

Professional services specializing in OJS can help you. We cannot fail to mention those from PKP:

Hiring these services also helps the project’s sustainability.

My company also offers OJS hosting starting at $29 per month. If there is interest, you can look for me in private.

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