OJS 3.0 - Payments page not found

Hello forum,
I’m having an issue with the Payments page.
The journal is open access but i have to set the authors fee for publishing. So…
In “Distributon” - “Payments” I set the paypal account but… What’s the “Secret” field?

And another question: when i flag “Payments will be enabled for this journal. Note that users will be required to log in to make payments.” the “Payments” menu appear on the left menu, but when I click it i receive a 404 not found. Can you tell me why?



Hi @Giulio_Anesa,

See e.g. OJS 3.1 PayPal settings - #2 by asmecher.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have configured my Distribution Settings> Payment > Paypal Payment Settings
Created a Rest API in Paypal and placed every detail under Account Name, Client ID and Secret. But the paypal payment is not working. Everytime when someone tries to make a purchase it shows a blank screen. Please help me. I there any problem with the Paypal plugin ? I have also used OJS 2.8 but there was no issues like this and everything was working fine.

Hi @Rahul_Arora,

I see you’ve also posted this on another thread. Please don’t double-post – it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team