OJS 3.0, Most of the issues missing from native XML export plugin

I’ve updated our Ojs from 2.4.6 to 3.0. in order to export the issues and transfer them to another server. (I’ve updated to version 3.0, because updates to 3.01 or 3.02 resulted in “error 404” when I tried to access the journal, even though the updater said everything went fine).

I’ve had some problems with the native XML export plugin (http error 500) but I managed to get the plugin to work, thanks to advice I found in this forum. However, there are still three problems.

Firstly, most of the issues are not listed in the XML export plugin page.

Secondly, when I try to export some issues, I still get the http error 500.

Thirdly, I’m able to save only some of the issues or some combination of issues as xml file. When exporting some other issues or combinations, the resulting web page looks like a valid XML file, but my browser (Chrome) does not recognize it as XML file. If I manually add the .xml extension and then try to save the file, I won’t get any file at all. Pressing the save button produces only a message “network error” in Chrome download bar .

Is there any way to work this out?

Hi @Spienin,

Are you trying to use the import/export tools to avoid relying on the upgrade process? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t recommend it – you’ll lose a lot of information in the process, as the XML isn’t comprehensive.

Whenever you hit a 500 error, check your PHP error log; it should include more details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

HI @Spienin

Also, please use the latest OJS version 3.0.2 – a lot of bugs from previous versions are fixed there…


Thanks for the replies. I’m using import/export tool because we are moving the whole journal to OJS system hosted by another party. To do this we need to send them our issues in XML format.

I’ve also tried to install version 3.02 and 3.01 several times but without success. I’ve used webgui updater because currently our server contract does not include the option to connect to the server via SSH. Updater says the system is updated successfully, but when I try to access the site all I got is message “error 400“. Version 3.01 works partly if I’m logged in as a user (I can see the journal, browse the issues and download pdf’s, but admin pages will not load completely). If I’m not logged in, I’ll get “error 400”.

I’ve found temporary solutions to my first and third problems which may be all I need in this case. I’m able to see the missing issues in export list if I unpublish an issue and then publish it again. However, when I do this again the previously added issue disappears from the list. So I need to export the missing issues one by one. It is not the ideal way but better than nothing.

The problem with saving XML files disappeared when I switched the browser to Safari. It seems that Chrome start to hiccup when the exported files are large.


I am fairly sure that we are the another party mentioned here (moi). We are using 3.0.2.

There has been a lot of issues with the native xml export so just to make sure @bozana is the exported XML from 3.0.0 still compatible with the import in 3.0.2.?

Hi @ajnyga

I think it is not totally compatible. Except there were some bugs in OJS 3.0, also some elements changed (but not much) in between – for example the issue identification elements are different. If this is the way to go – to export from 3.0 and then import to 3.0.2, maybe to export, than to manually fix the XML to be valid for 3.0.2. But maybe a direct upgrade to 3.0.2 would be best, and if the server does not allows it, maybe to do it first locally or so?


Yes, you are the another party mentioned (moi vaan)!

I’m actually writing you an email right now with links to a couple of xml files I export. In the email I’m asking you, if you could test if the files are compatible with your system.