OJS 3.0 and gif

I’ve been testing the OJS 3.0 on your testdrive3 and I’m wondering why I can’t upload any gif images but only jpg and png. Is it because of the responsive webdesign? Can’t you scale a gif-image?
Niels Erik

.gif images aren’t really in use any more except for animated images. We didn’t really see animated images as a need for our community, so haven’t planned for their use in any way.

In most cases, I’d recommend you go with a .png file instead of a .gif. But if there’s a real use-case for .gif images we may consider adding them to the list of allowed image files.

Many of our editorial teams still use .gif. We’re hosting a good 60 journals

I’d encourage you to begin transitioning them to .png.

Aside from the fact that it’s now the web standard for loss-less non-photo images, it also features proper transparency support, better file-size compression, and fewer visual artifacts due to compression.

Is there an architectural reason that we’re banning GIF? Or just a pedantic one?

PNG is certainly the superior format, but I can’t come up with a reason to say there is a problem will allowing GIF.

Hi @ctgraham,

From my perspective, this is about encouraging best practices for end-users and pushing choices like this which have technical implications onto qualified developers. The allowed file types can be overridden using the template files. The most common example is here:


I’d be in favor of making this list easier to modify from a code perspective but not from an end-user perspective.

That said, that’s just my opinionated approach regarding what I believe is best for building a sound ecosystem for an open-source project like this. I’m not really the final decision-maker on this sort of thing. But in most cases, I’ll argue in favor of committing to decisions we believe to be “best practices” while pursuing further extensibility in the code architecture that allow qualified developers to make alternative choices at a code level.