OJS 3.0.2: "Send to review" doesn't send email to author

We have a working installation of OJS 3.0.2 and all emails appear to send correctly except the notification to authors that their article is being sent to review. The decision appears to record properly, but the system doesn’t send the email (email key EDITORIAL_DECISION_SEND_TO_EXTERNAL, I assume).

Is this a known issue? Does someone has an idea on how to fix this?

Thank you!

Hi @pvjulien,

It’s likely that this message is getting somehow flagged as spam. I’d suggest checking your SMTP service’s sending logs, if you have access to them.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry if it was unclear. We can indeed see which emails are sent, e.g., the system sends emails to reviewers, submissions acknowledgements, rejections, etc. It’s just that the system doesn’t send the ones following the decision to send to external review. That’s why this behaviour is fairly mysterious to us.

Hi @pvjulien

I’ve faced a similar issue in a Journal that I give technical support, but it was a sendmail related problem. That’s why all staff of journal was in a intranet and emails were just inside our yard. But authors are “foreign” users to the system because they have different mail providers (@something.com).

But, if it only happens to authors and you have people (with different roles at your Journal) outside of your network receiving emails in different mail providers so it is not the same situation than mine.

It seems the situation is different. People outside our network (i.e., authors and reviewers) with all sorts of mail providers receive other various emails our system sends.

Do you have access to mail.log server? Just to have sure it is not a local server issue.

Well, in fact we send all our emails through Gmail. We can see that other emails are being sent (i.e., in Sent Mail) and we also know that they reach their destination because people reply and respond. No emails show up as sent when we send articles to review. I don’t see why Gmail would block these particular emails and not the other ones, so that’s why I thought this might be related to OJS code.

I use Gmail smtp service in other projects (but not anymore in OJS), but theres is a topic regards about it:

If not helps, perhaps you may paste an mail error log portion from your server with SMTP message error, probably there is some tip about what is going on and makes it easier to help you either. Even using Gmail account, all connection errors from server are recorded in log error.



Thanks for your help Israel!

I looked at the topic you mentioned and one thing I can tell you is that messages usually get copied in the sent messages of our account. That’s how we noticed that these particular emails (when sending to review) didn’t appear to be sent.

I checked our server logs and couldn’t find any mail error, but I think I need to make another test to really check what is happening. When I have more information I’ll post it back here.

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