[OJS 3.0.2] Review workflow

Hi, I don’t know if this should be in Questions or in Feature Requests. Our review workflow is like this, we send request with file, reviewer read paper and fill in review using OJS, if review is positive (Publish with no changes) then every thing is ok, but if reviewer request changes, we have to send paper to revision. When author send us back revised paper, we have problem, we should send this paper back to reviewers so they can check if all requests are fulfilled, and that is where problem begins, we don’t have option for that, and workaround would be to start new round of review, with new review form that would contain two fields (is everything ok (yes/no) and notes). That also means that we have to create new email template for that part of workflow. Main problem is that this is not an second round of review, but still first, and reviewers are getting same email (still can’t change template in review request) as for first request. Are we doing something wrong (not seeing an option for this step) and could this be integrated in OJS?