OJS 3.0.2 LDAP integration plugin


I have a question regarding LDAP plugin for OJS 3.0.2. I believe it was stated in older topic that said plugin needs a rewrite. Is the plugin already working? And if so, where do I find the upgraded version? Is there any other way to setup LDAP authentication for OJS 3.0.2?
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Hi @Daniel_Balacek,

I don’t believe it’s currently working but there are a couple of development partners that are at least experimenting with a replacement framework.

What do you want to accomplish with LDAP? Many users expect it to provide a single-sign-on functionality, but it can’t do that – it can help synchronize two user databases, at best. Something like Shibboleth might be more what you’re looking for (support for that is also a work in progress).

@ctgraham may be able to provide more information.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team