OJS 3.0.2 Editorial decision (accept/decline) not included in message

We are using OJS 3.0.2. and have noticed that when we are sending our decision to author that there is no real decision in message, what I mean is that in message


We have reached a decision regarding your submission to {$contextName}, “{$submissionTitle}”.

Our decision is to:


There should be word “Accept” or “Decline” regarding type of decision (if we already have buttons for that). I don’t know if this is problem only with our installation so I’m asking an question. I know that this is easily fixed in email settings.

Did you check that the email in the workflow settings has not been changed? There should be separate emails for each decision type that contain the decision. The install I’m looking at has 6 different “decision” emails - accept, decline, resubmit, revisions, send to external, send to publishing.


Hi, yes I have checked that first, just to make sure that it isn’t problem on our database, there are a couple of different templates regarding decision but accept and decline doesn’t include answer after sentence “Our decision is to:”

@knjigor The problem sounds like it is at the template level, then. You can edit the template to include the word “accept” and “decline” and then it should come up correctly when you use it. If the information isn’t in the template, it won’t be put into the email when you send it unless you manually input the decision. Edit via settings → workflow → emails and click on the email, an edit option should appear below the template.

I have all ready changed templates and it is ok now, I was just wondering if this was on installation level or a bug.