[OJS 3.0.2] Creating Galley with "Production Ready File"

This is formost a question of understanding OJS 3-Workflow: To display e.g. a PDF I have to make a galley in the Production-step of editing an article.
But when I “Add galley” I only can upload a new pdf for the galley, but my fully formated pdf is already a “Production Reday File”: Why can’t I select internally from the “Production Ready Files” to create a new galley?

Hi @lcbossert,

If I recall correctly, we had expected “production ready file” to be used for the last stage of the “editable” version of the file (e.g. .docx or .odt), and that the “publishable” version (e.g. .pdf) would be uploaded first as a galley.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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