OJS - Wrong email subject sent (EDITOR_DECISION_DECLINE)


I am operating OJS
I just concluded a reviewing round for our forthcoming issue and am trying to send out Editor’s decisions to authors.

In particular, for those submissions which are declined the automated email is loaded from the correct template email (email key “EDITOR_DECISION_DECLINE”, whose email subject is “Editor Decision”).
However, authors receive an email whose body contents are correct, but whose subject heading is not. It seems to load from another template (email key: “SUBMISSION_UNSUITABLE”, whose email subject is “Unsuitable Submission”).
This is quite annoying, because it conveys the wrong message to authors…

Where could I go to check where the problem resides?


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Hi @afisher

The place in the code is: pkp-lib/SendReviewsForm.inc.php at ojs-3_0_2-0 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. In the newest OJS version 3.1.1 it is fixed, s. pkp-lib/SendReviewsForm.inc.php at ojs-3_1_1-0 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.


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