Ojs .problem with logout and other link

i have problem when user need to log out from his account in some time the page redirect to profile or submission page and in some to when click on new submission redirect to submission page , i see when point on logout the path is correct to logout but after click it redirect to other page


Can you give an example of what exact path through the site is causing the problem?

Pasting the URLs of the links and pasting screenshots here may help us understand.

thank you for response
as in attached image Indicates on to log out and the path is correct in the left corner but after click the logout the page not go to log out page instead go to submission page or profile , and some time i click make new submission go to submission
Thanks for all

I would approach this one of two ways:

Since a lot of improvements have been made between OJS 3.0.1 and OJS 3.0.2, and since your experience seems inconsistent with the expected code, one good starting point would be to upgrade to OJS 3.0.2 using the Full Package method. This ensures that your code is up-to-date, and ensures that your code is free of any unintended changes.

You may also want to use the browser’s Web Inspector, or use your access logs, to see what URL are being requested, and what the server response is. If you capture the URLs and server response codes in the Web Inspector or in the access log, you can post them here.

Any solution to this issue @ctgraham

What version of the software are you using? This is not a known issue in any recent release. Can you describe specifically what is happening?

Yes Sure, Let me explain the complete scenario @ctgraham i am using 3.1.2 , My website url usually ends in https://example.com/index.php/AAEC when i Login, it successfully re-direct me to submissions page, and on submission page the Logout URL is Correct, But when i visit the Administrator page and then go to the logout page, it’s URL ReDirect me to https://example.com/index.php/index/login instead of https://example.com/index.php/AAEC/login

I am very confused, about this issue.

Do you have just a single journal hosted within your installation? If so, have you used the redirect functionality to redirect site-level paths to your single journal? (Administration → Site Settings → Journal Redirect)

I have did @ctgraham But no result, i am hosting 2 journals. Is there any custom redirect url setting.

With multiple journals, I think the function you are describing is intentional. With two journals, you have three distinct contexts:

  • the Site
  • the First Journal
  • the Second Journal

The Administration menu exists within the Site context, so URLs such as the login/logout will live within the Site context (“index”), like the URLs would point to index.php/journalname/logout from within the journal context.

I understand your kind point @ctgraham But Only Administrator Page Logout has the issue?

Since only the Site Administrator has access to the Administration page, and since the Administration page changes the Site settings, not journal settings, you are switched to the Site context when viewing the Administration page.

As an Site Administrator, from the Administration page, we wouldn’t know what Journal context to show you if you click logout.